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[14 Aug 2004|12:23pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Last night Kristen and Katie came overr <3 then after long different views, we decided to go to jimmys lol. Rocco Greg and Dan were therree.. we didn't really do muhc like always.. but i tryed to get everyone to play pictionary love that game. My plan failedd =(. Then Katie and I slept over kristennss lol i wanted to sneak out -- what a retarded night couldn't see rob, hopefully soon he's going back to Colorado in 2 tomorroww. Well anyway, today im supposed to hang out with Kristen, James, Shannon, Lauren, Jimmy, Greg, and Rocco? idk how that's gunna work but i'l make it. =D mmm'k ttfn* <3dee

oh and if you want to be gay and leave completely untrue messages, there pretty funyny actully.. well LEAVE YOUR NAME PUSSY. faggots

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[12 Aug 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Tonight I got to see Kristin<3 again =D.. we went to Hawthorn and meet up with Jamess and Andrew, haven't seen them in a while too. We saw the baresi's theree too. Then we went to james' and played disney trivia lol, james u da mastaa and pictionary -- me and james = the champs. Tomorrow im going to krisss n seeing tee =O yeseryy can't wait i love em<3 mmm'k im out ttfn*

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jacked stephys shatt ;D [12 Aug 2004|02:45pm]
Name- Devon Hambrecht -aka dee
Age- 14
Sex- girrll
Star sign- aries
B’day- March 22

Hair color- blonde
Long/short- ehh in between
Eye color- blue
Height- 5'1

School- ames
School colors- i dont no
Fav male teacher- uhh
Fav female teacher- idk
Worst male teacher- idk
Worst female teacher- idk
Fav subject- nothing?
Worst subject- Math

Ppl u kno
Funnest- katiee
Funniest- luke lmao
Best 4 advice- adam =D
Prettiest- =O there all perty
Smartest- matthew?
Best friend- megg <33
Loudest- mEe.. meg
Quietest- uh jared?
Most calm- Dave
Who no’s all ur secrets- meggg
Teacher’s pet- idk..
best hair- meg .. adam lol matt DID HAVE KOOL HAIR!
biggest flirt- i wonderr... =D

Do you..?
Believe in god- sure
sleep w/ or w/out clothes on? depends..
dress up on halloween? no
like to travel? umm hmm i like islandds
sleep on your side, tummy, or back? uh side n back..
think you're attractive? noo
do your own laundry? never
Believe in the devil- lol .. noo..
Lyk long or short hair- longg.. boy- depends..
Lyk hugs- yessir i doo
Lyk kisses- mmmhmmm
Lyk it wen its raining- somtimes
Snowing- ehh
Wen itz sunny- hellz yeahh
Wear make-up- yeah a lot
Sing in da shower- lol not answering
Know the national anthem- let me check, some what

Books: SHILOH !
Relative: my cousin cait and my cousin, her name is cait too lol
College: NYU
TV shows: full house
Male singer: Jesse Mccartney <3
Female singer: hilaryy duff of course!
Holiday: Christmas
Color: pinkk
Gum: bubbleiciouss

What was your last vacation?: Bahamas
Do you have any future vacations coming up?: my florida house.. idk when
What are some of your pet peeves?: people who think your a slut and say shit about u when they don't no who you are.. =D u no who u are bitches..
What are some of your phobias?: BEING PICKED UP, spiders, the dark,feet. others
Do you want children in the future?: of course
Do you want to get married?: mmhmm
What posters do you have on your walls?: surfers, abercrombie models..
Music- depends on my mood
Suicide- eww
Peanut butter or jelly: Peanutt butterrr
Coke or Pepsi: soda .. gross..
Drive or walk: Drive
Traveler or homebody: Travel
Good or bad: badd ;D
Skydiving or bungee- bothh in a heartbeat
MTV or Comedy Central: Comedy Central
Ice or roller skating: Ice skatingg
Nike or Adidas: Nike
Purse or wallet: pocket book..
Dark hair or light: light
Chocolate milk or regular milk: chocolate milk
Tall or short: medium
Blue eyes or brown eyes: bluee
Books or movies: movies
Comedy or horror: comedy
Bath or shower: MEGANS shower..
Lights on or off during a movie: OFF
Theater or video: bothh
Red or blue: blue
Gold or silver: gold
Morning or night: night
Cat/dog - kittiees
Left handed/right handed - right handed
Mom/Dad - hate them both.
Glasses/contact - jonnee
Brown hair/red hair - brown
Chinese/Italian - italian
Ocean/sea - ocean
Sun/moon- moon
Wax/shave- uhh
Curly hair/straight hair - hmm..
Mars/Snickers- Snickers
Wot do u think when u hear these names
Ashley- Simpson
Tara- gorilla
Adam- surfing? birke lol
James- up the ass
Jason- killer
Michael- jackson
Patrick- funny
Jessica- abrahms
Teagan- tea bagging lol
Nikky- is gay
Derek- basseball
Angela- rome, dont ask
Lisa - quiet girl
Bart – simpson
Do u believe in...?
aliens: kinda
space: yea
god: yea
satan: no
ghosts: yea
vampires: no
demons: no
life after death: not sure
angels: kinda
santa clause? no
monsters? no
easter bunny? no
tooth fairy? no
Are you…?
Good- noo
Christian- no.. protistient
Single- yeah for like 5 monthes ='( it sucks..
Mature- kinda
Quiet- sometimes
Loud- yeah

last time u…..
left your house: yesterday
slept: last night
got mad: err couple days ago i'd say..
ate something: 10 mins ago
showered: last night
watched tv: last night
friends came over: a week ago?
ate ice cream: 2 nights ago
went to a movie: like 2 weeks ago
texted someone: yesterday
got grounded? never..

last person u……?
talked to? ian, adam.
talked to on the phone? shannon?
rang? shannon?
said I love you to? ='(
cried about? =\
hugged- jimmyy

Friends- most likely to…
do anything for 1 million bucks: james
succeed in life: steph
become an actress/actor: me =D
cry at movies: me lol.. steph
go to harvard: colleen lol
come to their 10 year reunion drunk: Kevin
have a perfect life? katie

Are you going to college: hopefully
If so, how long do you want to go for: 4 years i guess
What would your major be: acting or like idk
Where do you want to go: NYU
What is your career going to be: idk
Where are you going to live: New York or California
How many kids do you want: 12 lmao matt

are u…?
Understanding- yea
Mean - if u get me mad
Nice- suree
Open minded- not really
Insecure- yeah
Talkative- not really
Trust worthy- of course
Interesting- u tell me
Smart- no
Moody- lol
Organized- when i wanna be
Messy- nah well.. kinda
Angry- if u make me
Sad- yeah ..
Happy- not really
Crazy - lol megan has seen my crazy side
Calm- yeah i have a lot of patience

in the past 24 hours have u…?
had a serious talk?: nah
Hugged someone?: nope
Fought w/ someone?: no
Cried?: yeah
Laughed?: not really
Made someone laugh?: idk no
Bought something?: a shirt
Cut your hair?: no
Felt stupid?: ehh idk
Talked to someone you love?: nope =\
Missed someone?: yea like hell
Been dumped/asked out?: nope
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[12 Aug 2004|12:57pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Havent been doing anything latley, since megan went to mexico =(. Humg out with Katie and Stephy<3, and other peopls really. Last night i just kind of read? lol stupid summer reading. Hopefully today will be better. Supposed to go to the club tomorrow 2686.. we'll see how that goes, or chill with tee =D cause i miss her <3 andd i miss shannon =P.. mmm'k ttfn*

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cLuBb .. [07 Aug 2004|12:21am]
[ mood | naughty ]

tonight i went to the club 2686 with shannon lauren kellie ariana n michelle.. it was so fun. At first it was kinda gayy then all the guys would come up to u and dance and stuff =D.. cept for a few guys who were like stalking us, scary and ew i mean come on did it have to be the obvious? Dancing with a hott 17 year old who was talking in English and a different language?? -- hott.. very hoottt.. Well im tired im gunna sleepp now tomrrow farmingdale with meggipoo <3 wednesdayy crazy donkey with katie baby <3 ha i love her.. at the mall soo funny.. ja rule.. OMG IT IS MURPHY LEE! ha dropping the sandwhich on the floor -- juss walk away.. do u like dee cherrys?? i got big cherry and small cherryy lmao

ttfn* dEe babiiE

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=D.. [06 Aug 2004|12:24am]
[ mood | lonely ]

Today meg came over for a little and then she went to her friend Theresas house in farmingdale. After being bored i went to Jimmy's with Katie <3 -- dave rocco alex luke and greg were there also.. hmm? interasting. really funny jimmy and luke trying to attempt darens dance moves lmao. Tomorrow hopefully im gunna go to the beach or whatever, megans going to her friends party thinger -- i wanna go to the club but we'll see how it goes. On saturday im prob. gunna go on my boattt with glenn and idk who else well im gunna stop typing laterrr * ttfn <3

bEcaUse im bRo|<eN ..

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=O [03 Aug 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I decided to bring back my journal because Megan made one and wanted me to have one too lol.

-- Well today, me and megan chilled in the morning and got ready and such then we went to james` and matt and john were there then we went in james` brothers car somewere then in justins car??. We got dropped off in town and chilled wit matt for like 10 mins then mike and we ate then come to my house juss me n megan and i was so retardedly hyper and we listened to music and were acting retarded, wow we have no life. Hopefully i will be joining her in her wonderful trip to Cancun, Mexico =D .. she will have to ask her mommy about that. Alcohal = very easy to get there. Ok well g2g latuhhhhhhh

dEe baBiie <33

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[09 Jul 2004|02:29pm]
.·:*☆*:·. GET WILD! BE SEXY! survery .·:*☆*:·.

[Include 2 or more pictures of yourself]


name: devon
age: 14
b-day (zodiac): March 22, aries



how do you do your usual makeup everyday? eyeshadow, eyelijner, mascara, cover-up
do you tan frequently? kinda..
what is the usual way you dress? jeans and a tank-top

.:more about you:.

if you had $1000 to go on a shopping spree, what would you buy? well clothes of course!!
favorite gal brands?: abercrombie & fitch, bebe
favorite magazines?: seventeen, otherss
who is your idol and why? Hilary Duff <3 don't ask...
what really brought you into gal style? bcuz im a girl?
what about gal style do you love the most? =P
how long have you been gal? forever?
what kinds of things make you really happy?: friends.. music.. alcohal..
what are your pet-peeves (what makes you mad/really annoys you): gay people, asshole guys =(
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[25 Apr 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

friday i didn't do anything, yesterday i was with matt scottie rocks regan devin pete joe kevin dan rob tj jake wallaces joe robT.. in the woods or something(lots of other ppl too ).. then me matt joe rob regan devin walked to my house and they stole my food loll. then then me n matt went to stephs and they went to the highschool.. joe kevin jess dan n emily soon came after.. they left.. and i hung out with stephs little brother and his friends lol.. matt scott dave kenny luch? and i don't rememeber who else.. yeah funn and now im home and idk what to do.. to much plans .. laterrr ttfn*

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watching my fishy =D [20 Apr 2004|10:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

im exicetedd... today was 4/20 lol hung out with tee and kristin for a little, played softball went to town loll, walked to the high school. They left =(, then i went to carnis and hung out with dan scottie matt carni. Woo yeah funny funny shit! Tomorrow is the a static lullaby concert, can't FUCKING WAIT! Soo many people going, and and like 7 guy's? fun. I really wanted to go to the metallica concert oh well. Well i have lots of homework and im all hyper and SUCH. ttfn*

hope sucks.

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[18 Apr 2004|09:31am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

yesterday i went to fatpipe with jess, oh fun.. then we went to the mall and then back to meet up with joe and dan matt steph scottie regan rob carni kevin and yeah they were there idk, and i was on a roof. Me and steph had a confrence on the confernce chairs and we were flEEping out lol. Pamula.lmao then we walked to stephs from.... the highschool? mmhmm.. then i went home. ttfn*

i <3 u jEss!

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[16 Apr 2004|11:51pm]
i went to farmingdale with tee kristin n ariel todayy, we had to walk from jillians to united artist.. then we went to this swamp thing.. mikeR mike C chris kieran matt and like people i didn't no but they knew me .. yeah? they were all like high n drunk it was funny..jesss is sleeping overr 2m =D.. were prob. gunna go back to farmingdale.. well latER?
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=( [14 Apr 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

April 14, 2004
10 monthes </3 i miss you ='( - fucking kill me now -

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pennywise- Bro hymn [13 Apr 2004|11:59am]
oh wow look im updating my journal.. well we were on spring vacation and yeah.. let me see who i can name who i hung out with.. ariel kristin tina shannon steve anthony jon james andrew alaina matt dan pete mikeR mikeC chris randy vinny kat jeff uh brother.. etc.. yeah we mostly hung out around in town and stuff and i was at farmingdale one day.. look there
s lots of dotss, glenns the besttest ...oh yeahh i was SUPPOSED to go to the city with randy and vinny but my shoulder decided to sprain on me so i had to go to the hospital instead. Easter was boring .... i have lots of money from it thought so im glad about that... tired because i was on the fone with kristin at like 1 to 2.. haha ilu <33 and she was supposed to call me this morning but noo.. yeah well this entry is about nothing too .. see ya laterrrrrrrr

dEe <3
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[13 Mar 2004|12:16pm]
wiw firday sucked.. watched grind.. greatest movie.
Now I have the big urge to skateboard.. and play softball. Neat combination. Hope today I won't be has bored. BIrthday's in 9 days, woopee I guess.
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LP- burn [08 Mar 2004|03:51pm]
sunday, i hung out with matt dan danni.. and other ppl?! then pete n michelle came and we went to.. some kids house.. and quigs came for like 10minutes.. then we went to matt's, then i went home and today i think im going to the library with jenna n sal.. because were just that cool

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juliana theory- top of the world [06 Mar 2004|12:47pm]
uhh yea, yesterday i just hung out with matt n pete for a while .. and they played there introoments.. and i went to sleep,lol. Then joe came over then we went to fatpipe, wow lots of fags there i must say, expect for a select feww. Then they came over and dan come over, and yea fun lol. alright well i g2g ttfn*

were at the top of the world, you and I
we've got a lot of time, and it sure feels right
you reach in your pocket pull out a pass that says you can take me anywere
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C&C- devil in new jersey [03 Mar 2004|09:18pm]
i haven't been doing latly.. been out at like fatpipe or around there with ryan ariel .. then today i was with jenna tee tee ryan jess n sal.. then me n sal found jenna in the library, lmao .. he is a reqistered genuis.!.. anyway yea i dont feel like typing much anymore

-Pull the trigger and the nightmare stops-
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woot [29 Feb 2004|12:05am]
well today i went to the unatoned/ exemption concert.. fun outside n stuff.. lets see if i can recall who was there... matt dan julio michelle pete nicki john joe anthony mattD rob? mike kee KATT! lauren allie tom ray ryan vinny kevin.. i think thats it.. julio made a big whole in my pants! bastard.. i found a pole and i sat on it .. and everyone picked me up woo i was flying. then i fell becuase i was scared..matt poured water all over me ~! basterrdd.. then we saw this funny band n me n joe were like laughing so hard lol..they threw beer all over !.. and now im really tired..joe greco is tha bestes! <3
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woo [28 Feb 2004|11:00am]
what a night, first i went to fat pipe with ariel.. matt dan anthony tee tee david kevin jenna michelle cory lindsey regan scottie mattM justin ryan.. and more that i cant remember.. then me dan matt ariel regan n scottie walked to frank's house party thing.. then we walked to dunkin dounuts in seaford... have some MORE coffee.. yumm... then i was in someones car and we went somewere then back and then me matt n dan went to my house.. and john meg n pam were here... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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